Cancelling Wireless Service with Surf Internet

Surf Internet's Customer Care Team makes it easy to cancel your wireless internet service, if and when you need to.

If you need to cancel your wireless Internet service, of course we hate to see our customers go, but with Surf Internet, we make canceling your service simple and hassle-free.

To cancel service, call 888-274-6381 and one of our courteous and professional customer care team members will walk you through this quick and simple process:

  • You will be asked some basic information to confirm your account.
  • For our records, you will be asked to provide a reason for discontinuing service.
  • Tell us what date you would like the cancellation to be effective.
  • If you have automatic payments set up, we will deactivate them so you will no longer be charge.
  • A technician will be scheduled, usually within a two-week period, to come to your home for an equipment pick-up. 

And just like that, you're done!