Fiber Internet Support - No Connection

Is the problem throughout your entire home?

  • Check your other devices and see if they connect to the Internet

  • If it's only 1 device having issues, continue below for Router Troubleshooting

Rebooting Your Equipment

  • Locate your router and unplug the power from it (skinniest cable in the back) wait 5 seconds and plug back in.

  • Wait about 15 seconds for all the lights to come back on and check to see if you have a connection now.

  • If there is no connection - locate the power adapter that is providing power to the radio we installed outside.

  • Look on the back of the router and look at the cable that's plugged into your Internet port (It may also be called WAN or MODEM depending on router brand)

  • The cable will either be a short flat black cable or long cable to a small rectangle black box.

  • Unplug the AC adapter / power cable - wait for light to go out and plug back in.

  • Some radios can take several minutes to restart - the Internet light on your router will be orange or red. It should change if the connection comes back. If it doesn't change give Surf Internet a call - it may require a service call.

*Note: If the power supply does not have a green light on it - try it in another outlet. If the light is still out the power supply could be bad and will need to be replaced.