How Fast Is Fiber?

What Speeds Can I Expect on Surf Internet's Gigabit Fiber?

Bandwidth = Speed

Surf Fiber = The Fastest Speed

Surf Internet's Gigabit Fiber service is a binary system, meaning there is either a Gigabit of bandwidth delivered to your router or there is no connectivity at all.

On rare occasions you may see less than a Gigabit of bandwidth delivered to your modem. When this happens, it is an indication your equipment is failing and needs repaired or replaced. 

If you suspect your equipment is failing, please reach out to our customer care team at or by calling 888-274-6381.

Because you can only achieve maximum Internet speeds using a wired connection, to utilize the full Gigabit of bandwidth delivered to your router,  you must connect your device via Ethernet that is configured for and capable of Gigabit speeds.

Below are some examples of different configurations and their expected speeds.

Connecting via Ethernet

To achieve maximum speed when connecting your device to your Surf Internet Gigabit Fiber service, Ethernet is the recommended method . If you are only getting 100Mb/s on your Gigabit Fiber connection your device may be configured for Fast Ethernet as opposed to Gigabit.

Connection Method Device Age Expected Speeds
Ethernet Connector 2010 or newer 800Mb/s - 950Mb/s
Ethernet Connector Older than 2010 100Mb/s
USB2 to Ethernet Adapter* 2010 or newer Up to 400Mb/s
USB3 to Ethernet Adapter* 2014 or newer Up to 900Mb/s

Connecting via WiFi

While WiFi is very convenient, the truth is, right now, the technology just cannot achieve true Gigabit speeds. Not quite yet. Other factors that can affect WiFi speeds include but are not limited to the distance you are from your router, how new or old your connected device is, and whether other household items are interfering with your router's radio frequency.

For some great tips on how to improve your WiFi speeds, check out Surf Internet's article: Slow WiFi? Speed it Up!

Wireless Protocol Device Type Expected WiFi Speeds
802.11ax High end computer or latest mobile 600 Mbps to 800 Mbps
802.11ac High end computer Up to 500 Mbps
802.11ac High end phone or tablet / computer 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps
802.11n Phone or tablet / budget computer Up to 100 Mbps
802.11a/b/g Devices manufactured before 2007 Up to 35 Mbps

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