WiFi Connecting On Some Devices

Diagnosing WiFi Connection Issues - Password Changes

Tip: When you change your WiFi password to your router, be sure to update the password on ALL devices you are connecting to WiFi.

There are multiple reasons devices may not connect to your WiFi router. It could be an issue with the router itself or with an individual device. One of the first things to determine is if the connection issue is isolated to one device or if all of your devices are not connecting. If you find only one or two devices are not connecting, the problem is likely the settings on that device and not the WiFi or our internet services. However, if none of your devices are connecting, it could be a larger issue or outage.

Note: If none of your devices are able to get online and no settings have been changed recently, please reach out to our customer care team at support@surfinternet.com or by calling 888-274-6381.

One thing to check before making that call is the password for your router. Have you or someone in your household changed your WiFi password recently? If yes, it is critical to update this password on all devices connecting to your WiFi. If you miss this step, it can cause disruptions to the internet connection to that device.

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